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Proxies for the AGM – message from Kate Clanchy

August 10, 2011
As I wander on and off mountains, bumping into tourists in the mist, and receiving emails only occasionally, and in miniature, I am ever more impressed by how terrible the timing of the AGM is, how hard it is to get nominations ready when everyone is on holiday, and how much more democratic it would have been for the Trustees to have stood aside at the EGM and allowed the interim board to set up elections in November.

There is a small concession from the Board:

As the timescales are tight, Trustee nomination forms can be sent without signatures as long as the nominees’ membership numbers are included. If the candidate is successfully elected, signatures will be required later.

If you are standing, or know someone who is interested, please, complete the form.

Proxies: I’m attaching a proxy form for the meeting. The proxy works in the same way as for the EGM: you give your vote to someone you trust who votes for you. If you already know someone, then complete the form and send it according to the instructions on it (either by snail mail or email, not both!). If you would like us to suggest a proxy, we shall be listing willing volunteers on the website again. I’ll be one.
Proxy form – AGM

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